Since I was 15 I remember writing. At first it was horrible dark poems that spoke to the pain and anguish that filled me as a teenage girl. In my 20s it was a 25-page non-fiction book about my life as it had been up to then inspired by the book “Yesterday, I cried” by Iyanla Vanzant. Whenever I felt like I had something to get out I wrote. I don’t think I ever let anyone read any of my work until recently. I really never thought I would produce anything that other people would want to read. I am not that spectacular. I am a 5’3” blond haired blued eyed girl from Phoenix, Arizona. But that is the point. I am sure if you are reading this you are a human being. You are another girl or woman who does not see the spectacular side of herself. So I am going to stand up and show it to you. Hoping that by reading my life and coming on the journey you can feel connected, heard, and hopeful. For me, my past comes out in short stories, Tangents, of my life. Enjoy.


Share Your Story

  • I want this to be a conversation.   So please. Write to me, tell me your story.  Share and heal through accepting who you are and where you have been.